August 15, 2013

We have had a remarkable vegetable garden bounty this summer. Aside from a few purchased zucchini, yellow squash, green pepper plants and from half dozen tomato plants given to us, the rest of our garden plants are ‘volunteers’ from last year’s plantings. We are giving away tomatoes and peppers we cannot use. Even the squirrels and birds have their share. The most surprising and delicious harvest has been from cantaloupe plants that sprang up on their own and this year produced the biggest, sweetest melons we have ever had.

With this year’s ideal spring weather and soil enriched by our own compost, this is the fruit of the labor of the brothers who prepared the beds, weeded and watered, and propped up the plants with bamboo sticks and wire cages. Above all it is a gift of the Lord through his providence at work in his creation.

Bless us, Lord, and these thy gifts we receive from thy bounty. Amen.