October 11, 2012

In the abbey church this evening in the presence of the monks and some family members Abbot James clothed three men to begin their novitiate after several months of living in the monastery as postulants, studying and working together, sharing fully in community life. Each was given a new name: David Lord of Erie, PA, will now be known as Bro. Isaiah. Padraic Springuel of Chevy Chase, MD, received the name Bro. Samuel, and James Marra of Cohoes, NY, is now Bro. Bernard.

The more restrictive novitiate year they now begin will be another test of whether they are truly seeking God, are eager for the work of God, are obedient and are willing to endure trials. Abbot James and the monastic community are grateful for the good spirit and contributions to community life they have shown thus far. Please join us in pray that, if being here is God’s calling for each of them, they will persevere up to the time for vows and life-time stability.