October 30, 2021

Abbot James celebrated the conventual Mass for the anointing of the sick. Three monks received the sacrament: Fr. Peter, Fr. Christopher and Fr. Boniface. Fr. Gabriel, Choir Master and organist, selected appropriate and beautiful hymns for the celebration.

We sang,
"O Christ, the Healer we have come
to pray for health, to plead for friends.
How can we fail to be restored,
when reached by love that never ends?
[Fred Pratt Green, d.2000]

In his homily the Abbot reminded us of the scriptural basis for the sacrament.  Over the centuries it gradually became a sacrament administered only near the time of death. Now it has been restored to being available to all persons who have serious health problems, perhaps those preparing to undergo major medical operations. Though the prayers ask for healing, they also acknowledge there are times of sufferings when one can unite with those of Christ for the sake of one's own soul and the souls of others.

Read a transcript of the homily given by Abbot James Wiseman or click here to watch the recording of the Mass on YouTube.