September 13, 2015

Monks have always been known for the variety of skills and talents that they have. Among our own community, Fr. Stephen Reid (1912-1989) was an excellent artist, both for sculpture and painting. We have always had a number of his works on display both in the monastery and school. Recently a friend of the abbey, Bruce Nixon, wrote an excellent commentary on Fr. Stephen’s art, and after having most of the pieces photographed by a professional photographer, Lee Stalsworth, Bruce produced an illustrated catalog, titled A Communion of Saints. This handsome work of 40 pages was “launched” at a reception held at the abbey on the afternoon of Saturday, September 12, attended by a number of Fr. Stephen’s former students as well as some of our oblates and other friends. We are hoping to arrange exhibitions of some of his works at other venues in the future so that still more people will become familiar with them. The catalog is available for sale in the abbey’s gift shop for $20 and could also be ordered by mail.