October 14, 2011

Fr. Christopher and Fr. Gabriel participated in the Steubenville University Annual Vocation Fair on October 14th, along with dioceses and many other religious congregations. The University gymnasium was made available for the setting up of booths and display tables for each organization. There were opportunities for sharing news and ideas with other Benedictines, who also came for this opportunity to help visitors become aware of the monastic vocation charism and our mission in the church.

Students from the University were graciously hospitable and very helpful with all the organization and logistics needed for such an event. We are hopeful that some of those young people who worked there or walked through that day and talked to congregation representatives will discern whether God is calling them to diocesan or consecrated life for the service of God’s people and for God’s glory.

To spare excess fatigue by making the long trip to and from Washington, DC in one day, Fr. Christopher and Fr. Gabriel spent the night before the Fair with alumnus Kevin Counihan (’68) near Pittsburg. Kevin was most gracious in welcoming them to his home, in preparing a delicious dinner on arrival and a hearty breakfast as a send off. In a true Benedictine spirit, evening vespers and morning office were shared while there. Gratitude and thanks to Kevin and other alumni who are supporting our vocation initiatives by their prayers and pointing possible candidates in our direction.