What St. Benedict calls the Divine Office or the Work of God is a basic component of our monastic common life. It is composed of hymns, psalms, readings and intercessions. We also celebrate our community Mass daily. Mass, Vespers and Compline are always sung. The other offices are recited except on major feast days when they too are sung.

Note: the school year Mass time began on August 25th

Morning Prayer

Weekdays: 5:20am (school year), 5:50am (summer)
Saturday & Sunday:


Weekdays: 7:30am (school year, beginning on 8/24/2022), 8:00am (summer)
Saturday & Federal Holidays: 8:30am
Sunday: 9:00am

Midday Prayer: 12:05pm (daily)

Vespers:  6:00pm (daily)

Compline: 7:30pm (Daily - recited privately on Sundays and certain other days)

Dear Friends of St. Anselm’s,

As we continue follow guidelines from the D.C. government and the archdiocese, we no longer require masking on the part of those who come to worship with us, even though we recognize that many persons will prefer to wear a mask, which is perfectly fine. All of our liturgical services are now open to the public. For the time being, holy Communion at Mass will be offered only under the species of bread, and the sign of peace should be exchanged by a bow or wave and so not yet by shaking hands. This may seem to some persons as overly cautious, but we have been spared any outbreak of the virus thus far and are taking reasonable precautions so that everyone, both monks and guests, may stay healthy.

Sincerely in St. Benedict,
--Abbot James Wiseman, OSB

** Special Notice: Our weekday Mass, Monday through Friday, will revert to the school-year time of 7:30 a.m. starting on Wednesday, August 24 **

All Masses and Sunday Vespers will continue to be streamed on our YouTube Channel.

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